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Treatment methods

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- baths: mineral, with phyto-additives, emerald, carbon dioxide, whirlpool;
- showers: Charcot's shower, circular, upstream, hydrolaser; underwater massage in a bathtub and swimming-pool;
- swimming in a mineral water plunge-pool;
- sauna;
- enteroclysis using mineral water, silver-ionized medicinal herbs, or automatic hydrocolonotherapy;
- microenema: oil, herbal and medicated;
- mineral water douches or internal feminine washes;
- hydromassage and mineral water hydrolaser massage for the gums;
- ozocerite therapy;
- physiotherapy: galvanization, medical electrophoresis, electrosleep, diadynamotherapy, amplipulstherapy, ultratonotherapy, darsonvalization, magnetotherapy, inductotherapy, UHF-inductotherapy, UHF-therapy, microwave therapy, ultrasonic therapy and phonoforesis of medical substances, laser therapy, CHF-therapy;
- inhalations: herbal, alkali and oil, aerosol therapy of micro-dispersed substances with vibro-massage of bronchus, aromotherapy, aerophytotherapy, speliotherapy, singlactic-oxygen therapy, phyto-cocktail, oxygen enriched foam drink, massage, medical physical training, therencury;
- distant percussion wave lithotripsy, which is used for crushing stones in the kidneys and urinary tract ‘DORNIER’ (Germany) equipment.This kind of non-invasive treatment is especially effective in combination with weakly mineralized water 'Naftusya'. It speeds up the removal of stone fragments, eliminates inflammation in the kidneys, and urinary tract; salt concentration in the urine decreases, and the metabolism is normalized. All this is very important in preventing the recurrence of stone formation.
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