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Health Conditions Treated

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Kidney and urinary tract diseases:

- chronic pyelonephritis and cystitis in the period of remission without signs of renal insufficiency or arterial hypertension;
- residual effect of acute pyelonephritis;
- urolithiasis without clear signs of kidney malfunction and urination problems;
- convalescence after stone removal from kidneys or urinary tract by surgery, instrumental surgery or apparatus;
- congenital kidney anomalies without signs of renal insufficiency and clear urination problems;
- chronic prostatitis in remission;
- uratic diathesis.

Diseases of the digestive organs:

- chronic hepatitis, residual effect after toxico-chemal liver affection at the inactive phase;
- esophagitis;
- chronic gastritis;
- cholecystitis, angiocholitis;
- chronic pancreatitis;
- functional indigestion and intestine problems, intestinal disbacteriosis;
- complications after operations on digestive organs;
- cholelithiasis except for the cases when surgery is required;
- gall-bladder system dyskinesia, functional diseases of the gall-bladder and bile passages;
- latent form of chronic pancreatitis unlike frequent acute forms;
- chronic colitis and enterocolitis beyond the acute phase, except for stenosing, tuberculosis, ulcer, specific bacterial and parasitic forms;
- intensinal dyskinesia beyond the acute phase.

Metabolic diseases:

- diabetes mellitus in the constant compensation state;
- alimentary-constitutional adiposity without blood circulation decompensation;
- uratic diathesis;
- obesity.

Accompanying diseases:

- locomotor system diseases, osteochondrosis, deforming osteoarthrosis, metabolic-dystrophic polyarthritis, posttraumatic arthritis, metabolic-distrophic spinal cord diseases;
- cardiovascular diseases: vegetovascular dystonia, cardioneurosis;
- peripheral nervous system diseases, namely neutritis, neuralgia, radicular syndroms, radiculitis, radiculoneutritis;
- functional nervous system diseases;
- chronic bronchial-pulmonary system diseases, such as bronchitis, pharyngitis and so on;
- chronic non-specific inflammation of female genital organs and many others.
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