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Climate of Truskavets

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According to the long-term data the climate in Truskavets is moderately warm and humid.


On average the annual temperature (+7,6 °С) in Truskavets is close to resorts of Caucasus, in particular to Kislovodsk (+7,7 °С). The warmest months in Truskavets are July and August with monthly average temperatures of about +22 °С. January is the coldest month (- 4 °С). The spring months are mild and warm, with temperatures averaging about +14 °С. Autumn is cool, with an average temperature of about +12 °С.


The average annual precipitation in Truskavets and its vicinity are around 763-827 mm, slightly exceeding the rain and snowfall in well known resorts of the Russian Federation and Crimea (Kislovodsk - 672 mm, Pyatigorsk - 584 mm, Yalta - 577 mm). Annual precipitation in the famous resorts Gagra and Sochi constitutes 1343 and 1408 mm per year respectively. The greatest rainfall is in Truskavets at the end of spring and summer, the least - in June and July.

Humidity, pressure

Truskavets is characterised by very high humidity of air (winter - 68-79 %, summer - 81 %) and lowered atmospheric pressure. During the year, it changes within the limits of 725-742 mm. The high humidity is especially noticeable in the morning and evening and approaches optimum levels in the afternoon. Therefore, despite the warm air temperature, the mornings and evenings are rather cool. The dampest months are August - October, the driest - April and May. The number of foggy days does not exceed 20-25 per year. There are approximately the same number of days with thunder-storms. Cloudy days average 99 per year; clear and sunny are about 98. The maximum cloud cover is observed in November; the minimal - in July - September.
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